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Oil for energy is so 20th century

Let’s get with it people! I heard China will be importing electric cars by next year. Why are we not leading the world in alternative energy deployment? As we bicker over our failing banking system and where to drill, other countries are leapfrogging us in developing renewable energy solutions.


Get the Grid

We need this:

Renova Solar

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Renova 360

Government for People, not profits

Here is a great quote from The Nation:

An entrepreneur with a choice between wind for 3 cents and coal for 2.9 cents would buy coal. But a responsible society would crunch the numbers. Solar power and efficiency do not have secret costs that include thousands of deaths, millions of dollars in lost productivity, billions of dollars sent to the world’s oil dictatorships and tens of billions spent policing the Persian Gulf. This doesn’t mean we should look with loathing upon the oil and coal industries–after all, they provide heat for our homes and fuel for our cars. But it does mean we should question a government that ignores cleaner alternatives and instead shovels our tax dollars into pollution-creating furnaces.

This article is a bit dated, but it still rings true about the government’s role in energy independence. We need to kick out the oil cronies and get representatives that care about people, not profits.
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Power your home with renewable energy

If you are serious about outfitting your home or small business with its own power source you’ve got to take a look at Home Power Magazine. They have schematics for wind and solar power, as well as hydro power.
home power magazine

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Schools going Solar

Interstate Renewable Energy Council provides a list of schools that have installed or are planning to install solar power.

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