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Palm Desert changes the Law

“Palm Desert is unbelievably progressive,” said Flanigan. “I really salute them for having the creativity and foresight to change state law in this historic way.”

Check out this story at Solar Energy News.

Hydrogen cars are not here today, but Electric Vehicles are possible now!

The Korea Herald:

“We have made a scientific breakthrough but we are not saying that our research is the final solution, the material itself needs to be manufactured and tested,” said Lee.

“The question is to increase its hydrogen storage capacity; the next step for our research is to find the conditions and the materials that can provide the answers.”

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is coming along in the laboratory, but it is not viable for mass production today. We have the technology today to create electric vehicles with solar charging and co-generation charging stations. It should be our priority to create buildings that serve as dwellings, offices and energy production facilities. We need to do what makes sense today, and not wait for future science to save us. We have what we need to get started on making a difference.

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MIT Energy Research Council


Here is an excertp from Wired Magazine.

Below are some examples of the MIT research projects the Energy Research Council will be sponsoring and developing:

  • Spinach solar power: Tapping the secrets of photosynthesis — engineering proteins from spinach — to make organic solar cells whose efficiency could outstrip the best silicon photovoltaic arrays today.
  • Silicon superstrings: A novel approach to manufacturing conventional silicon photovoltaic arrays by pulling the chips in stringy ribbons out of a molten stew like taffy rather than slicing them from silicon ingots.
  • Laptop-powered hybrids: Using a new generation of lithium-based batteries (which power most portable electronics today) to cut the price and charge-time of hybrid and electric car batteries.
  • Tubular battery tech: Using “supercapacitors” made from carbon nanotubes to store charge — rather than the chemical reactions that power most batteries — resulting in a lightweight, high-capacity battery that could someday give even the laptop battery a run for its money.
  • Hold the A/C: Optimizing air and heat flow on a new computer-aided design system, before a building’s construction begins, allowing for the building’s air conditioning costs to be cut by as much as 50 percent.
  • Hybrid without the hybrid: Turbocharging an automobile engine with plasma from a small ethanol tank (which would need to be refilled about as often as the oil needs changing), reportedly increasing fuel efficiency almost to the level of a hybrid — but only adding $500-$1,000 to the car’s sticker price.
  • More light than heat: Generating a car’s electricity photoelectrically (using a gas-powered light and a small, specially designed solar panel) rather than mechanically (using an alternator), substantially increasing fuel efficiency.
  • Coal-powered biofuels: Bubbling exhaust from a coal-fired power plant through a tank of algae that’s been bred to siphon off much of the exhaust’s carbon dioxide — in the process, fattening the algae that can then be harvested as biodiesel.

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Solar power is getting cheaper, much cheaper

Check out this company from Palo Alto, Calfornia. Nanosolar is developing solar sheets that use printing technology to create low cost solar power. Also, if I had the money, I’d be investing here right now.

  • Nanosolar PowerSheet™. Our A-100 cell technology delivered in an industry-standard package that ensures premium lifetime and full compatibility with existing mounting and installation practices. Available to the general public in 2007 through leading system integrators, this product is currently being rigorously tested in controlled outdoor installations and through accelerated indoor lifetime tests.

  • Nanosolar SolarPly™. Our flagship building-integrated product is a large-area solar-electric “carpet” for integration with commercial roofing membranes. SolarPly can be utilized in a variety of building products because our cells are both non-fragile and bendable. Developed in collaboration with leading companies in the commercial roofing membrane industry, this product is the ideal solution for commercial buildings.

  • Nanosolar Utiliscale™. A product specifically designed to realize the best in system economics for large-scale ground-mounted plant installations.

We also offer the following OEM product:

  • Nanosolar Cell A-100. Available to volume integrators, our cell product is based on proven thin-film technology and produced with our innovative advanced process technology. Cell strings are available in 150mm width and any length.

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The Ultimate Green Car: A Solar-Powered Plug-In Electric Biodiesel Hybrid

solar-powered plug-in electric biodiesel hybrid

Imagine a car that uses solar power from a charging station. The biodiesel would come from the American heartland, and the electricity from the sun. The fuel would only be used when going uphill, or for an additional boost for acceleration. Energy independence is our way to freedom, and these type of vehicles are the way to energy independence.

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Contribute to Renewable Energy Education

Contact the good people at Solar Energy International and give them your money to help them building an Eco-campus. Contribute to the betterment of our society, economy and environment.

SEI Ecocampus

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Becoming an Energy Producer

solar panel installersThe point of PositivEnergyOutput is too encourage people to become energy producers. It doesn’t happen overnight. I am still too poor to afford any technology, and I am still working on saving money for a home, but this will not stop me from learning about how I can accomplish energy production by the time I have the means. Also, I am still learning about what is involved in my vision, so I appreciate any help from you that have a background in sustainable resource energy production. Read More…