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Obama thinks fake high gas prices promotes green economy

Obama is Commander-in-Chief

Many are blaming Obama, and he hasn’t shied away from the blame. By having high gas prices the Obama administration think they can get the American public to buy into electric vehicles and alternative fuel sources.

From Politico:

DOE is working to promote alternatives such as biofuels and electric vehicles, Chu told House appropriators during a hearing on DOE’s budget.

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The problem is that Obama is faking the high gas prices. They don’t have to be this high, and he doesn’t have to get the American public to buy into the “green” economy and “energy independence”. As the commander-in-chief, Obama can make the Department of Defense (DoD) focus on getting the military on alternative energy sources. As the largest oil consumer in the world, the DoD is the perfect player for funding the development of alternative fuels and renewable energy sources.

Below I will review four factors that influence high gas prices:

Military usage of oil

Obama could mandate the DoD to consolidate it’s budget to completely focus on how to get it off oil using alternative fuels and renewable energy technology. If Obama were serious about getting America into a green economy, this is where he should start.

Monetary policy leading to devaluation of dollar

By allowing the Federal Reserve to go unchecked with creating more debt-backed dollars, Obama and the congress are responsible for the devaluation of the currency. This is one of the biggest contributors to the increase in gas prices. Oil isn’t getting worth more, it’s just that the dollar is worth less. If congress took back the power of money generation, and changed from a debt-backed currency to Kilowatt hour backed currency, the dollar would regain strength, and we would purge the world of the parasitic private banks.

Wall street fraud going unpunished

Speculation of oil prices based on rumors of war and the growing demand from emerging markets. Our domestic oil production is the highest it’s been in 8 years (yes, that means Bush made less US oil than Obama). If you wants to point fingers, look no further than Goldman Sachs. Congress bares the responsibility of Wall Street Fraud. Darrell Issa and Michele Bachmann are working for the oil speculators by slowing down the rule enforcement of Dodd-Frank which is supposed to punish oil speculation. Obama should call them out specifically, and let the American people know that Darrell Issa and Michele Bachmann don’t represent the people, but they represent Goldman Sachs. Unfortunately, Obama also represents Goldman Sachs.

Demand from emerging markets

Emerging markets demand has doubled world oil consumption in five years. To meet rising demand from emerging markets, Petrobas plans to increase production to 3 million barrels a day by 2015.


Emerging markets include countries that account for a majority of the Earth’s human population. If they demand oil at the same rate per capita as the US, nobody will be able to afford it.

The Bottom Line

You can see with these four issues Obama could influence the high gas prices by doing the following:

  • Getting the military off oil for energy
  • Lead the idea of getting off of debt-backed currency that devalues over time
  • Punish oil speculators that increase the cost of oil at the expense of society
  • Join with the emerging markets to develop renewable sources of energy in order to allow the United States to ween itself painlessly.

The American people can have cheap gas while the green energy economy is inclubated by the DoD and DoE until it’s ready for civilian consumption.

Videos about high gas prices:

Green Real Estate Investing

For those of you that are greedy money loving environmentalists this is for you:

MSN Green Real Estate Boom

I have nothing against greed or money loving if it benefits the environment.

Business must lead the way

Business must lead the way. That sounds ridiculous. It is not business that will lead, business will follow the people. The people that will be followed are those individuals with the vivid vision of the future. Not the future of next quarter, or next year, but the next 10, 15 or 30 years.

Those individuals that will lead are those with resources available to actualize their visions. Those people are business leaders. Those business leaders that carry the vision of a future where people breathe clean air, and drink clean water, where the poor are considered poor because they don’t own the luxuries such as platinum plated dimonds, but still have access to healthcare, good food and shelter and education will be the leading the businesses that succeed. Because of the growing access to information, and the growing global conversation, people are gaining the power to influence those that oppose the progress to a beautiful future.

The business leaders of the future are now used to the global conversation, and embrace it fully. They recognize the value of human life, and the dignity of nature. They understand that humans and nature are not seperate competing entitites, that we are children of nature, and that whatever we do is natural. Yet as children of nature we must face the consequences of our actions.

Car powered by Compressed Air!

Forget biodiesel or ethanol, or even hydrogen. We need this technology now!

Southern California Edison will pay you for making your own energy

Southern California Edison provides an incentive program for those homeowners and business owners that want to produce their own energy. After looking closer at the program they no longer provide incentives for solar power through the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), but California Solar Initiative provides an incentive for solar power. SGIP provides incentives for wind and other renewables.

It seems there is an easier way to wade through all the paperwork. You should ask your solar power installer if they also help with the paper work to receive the rebates and incentives for producing your own energy.

Top Green Job

Barbara Boxer, Democratic senator from California has risen to the top green job in the nation. Thank goodness that she replaces the ignorant predecessors. Now the government will start to do something about our impact on the environment. I just hope they can do so in a way to benefit green entrepreneurs. Environmental revitalization holds a goldmine of an opportunity for entrepreneurs to boost the economy with new jobs based on cleaning up our act. The government’s role is crucial in that it must set the tone and encourage green entrepreneurs to flourish.

Here is the story about her new job.

Here is Senator Boxer’s official website.

Palm Springs Green Expo 2006

I just returned from the Green Expo in Palm Springs, California. I live in the area, so I had to check it out. It was the first annual Green Expo. I went in the afternoon and found that there was plenty of parking available. It seems that the attendance was less than expected, but I don’t know what the organizers expected. The exibitors were a mix of architects, green building material reps, and vehicle sales, and environmental activists, not to mention politicians. I have a lot of material to read up on, so I will be doing a spotlight on the companies and organizations that I visited during the show. For a preview here are the companies I will be reviewing:

  • Pro-Active Green Technology Land Development
  • iPower: Pure Energy
  • Green World Construction
  • Plug In America

I’m sure there will be others mentions as I do my research and let you know what I find.

Green Expo in Palm Springs

From the Desert Sun Business Section, October 3rd, 2006

Environmentally friendly energy sources, vehicles and building materials will be spotlighted Saturday and Sunday at the inaugural Experience Green Expo. Presented by several local sponsors, it is slated for 9am to 6pm at the Palm Springs Convention Center.The expo is open to the general public. Admission is $5 for a two-day pass, and children under 12 can enter for free.


After checking the website I was surprised to see SoCal Edison was a sponsor. I clicked on their link and found this. It seems that SoCal Edison is getting on the “Green” train, as it must.

Also there were links for developers on the site. I got curious. It turns out that ProActive Green is a developer with the “Zero” energy home idea. I think it is a good start toward Positive Energy Output homes. I hope I can visit them at the expo and ask some questions.

Hybrid Vehicle, to buy or not to buy, that is the …

I asked a friend of mine if he was going to get a hybrid vehicle when he mentioned he was going to look for a new car. He immediatly told me that he doesn’t believe in global warming. I was surprised that he would respond to my suggestion that way. Let me just premise that my friend is not a dumb guy, he is actually very smart and works as an application developer for large organizations.
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