PositivEnergyOutput is based on my vision of a new world that is a necessity based on how the world is changing. Those that adapt will survive. Those that wallow in complacency will wither away. I am looking forward to sharing this vision with others that are interested building a society that is sustainable and socially enjoyable.

I am not looking back to the “good old days”. We have the abilities to move forward to a world of possibility that will allow us to have true freedom and seek true happiness. The old paradigm of profit over people will end with the need for people to collaborate and develop mutually beneficial relationships instead of domination/slavery relationships.

Part of that vision is putting energy in the hands of the people. The people need to “Take the Power Back”.

The energy industry is owned by the few, and they do not have the benefit of the people in mind. Do you remember Enron? They are not exceptional. They are typical of the multinational corporation that just wants to squeeze another dollar from your bones.

Energy production belongs in the hands of the people that use it. The industry will be turned upside down when energy producers are simply home owners, and the multinationals are buying their surplus of energy. Corporations should be servants of people, not the other way around.

Energy production is still in 20th century mode and will be upgraded to be like the Internet, decentralized. Decentralized energy production will be much safer for national security with the prospect of a major power outage a nightmare of the past. We will also be less, or not, dependent on foreign lands for oil and natural gas. Oil will always be a needed resource for plastics and lubricants, but we can produce them using sustainable methods.

6 responses to “Vision”

  1. Carey says :

    is this the only way to contact you? I can’t seem to find any email info.

  2. fluidspirit says :

    I love your spirited writing and ideas. woo hoo!

  3. Heather says :

    Hi Josh,
    I came across your blog recently as I was doing some research on
    heating and cooling. I was wondering if it’d be possible to chat with you? I have a few questions and would love to take a moment to discuss a few of them with you if possible?


  4. Cristina Foung says :

    Hi there Josh,

    Great blog! Given that you’re clearly interested in energy issues, I thought you might be interested in a site I’ve been working on (we have the air car listed and a bunch of stuff like solar technologies all the way down to LED light bulbs).

    We’re actually also running a contest too, so if you feel like writing a few green product reviews, you could win some cool stuff! (Of course that’s in addition to helping out the folks in our community with your expertise.)

  5. Sam Newell says :


    I noted that you can commented elsewhere about exchanging links with other high quality sites in the space. I am keen to exchange links. Please drop me a line.


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