Get the Grid

We need this:

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2 responses to “Get the Grid”

  1. terry hallinan says :

    Curiously, the .pdf file from Utah seems quaintly outdated.

    Why that is strange is that a company in Utah is making the greatest splash, so to speak, with relatively low temperature geothermal brines. Shipping electricity from such a source to Disneyland does have potential for a company notable for promotion.

    But the “reverse air conditioning” technology belongs to United Technologies. UT installed its first units at Chena Hot Springs Spa, northeast of Fairbanks in Alaska.

    What a story that is. The only geothermal power generated in Alaska, with all its geothermal potential, is from very low temperature water.

    But there is a topper.

    The remote village of Husavik, Iceland, uses advanced technology and a garbage-burning facility to add heat to the low-temperature geothermal waters.

    But the most important thing to know about geothermal is that it is the ultimate baseload power (available 24/7).

    Always appreciate anybody writing about geothermal. Too many people suffering sun blindness. 🙂


    Best, Terry

  2. terry hallinan says :

    Sorry about this somehow getting my drivel posted in the wrong place but updating the grid may be the most important step of all for geothermal and other green energy.

    Best, Terry

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