No on Prop 7 in California

I have a friend that owns an energy efficiency business, and I asked him about prop 7 and how it would affect his business. He said it would shut him down, it would shut down any residential solar installer business, and it would make electricity more expensive. I trust him, but I also wanted to delve deeper. Check out who opposes prop 7 here:

It seems that anyone that cares about the state’s resources, people and environment are listed here. They say that prop 7 could cause another energy crises. The proposition was drafted and sponsored by a billionaire from Arizona that doesn’t understand renewable energy, but has been influenced by greed, and does not reflect what California needs.

California needs a plan that rewards homeowners for producing excess energy with solar, wind, geo-thermal or biomass. The citizens can become a decentralized power plant that the utility does not have to build and maintain. The utilities should pay for electricity produced as anyone else does. The utility should get a market discount to account for the cost of distribution to those that do not produce their own energy, but the producers should get paid. It will diversify our production. It will stabilize our energy consumption, and secure ourselves in the case of a larger energy crisis.

Vote no on prop 7 to prevent a power grab from an out of state billionaire!

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3 responses to “No on Prop 7 in California”

  1. Loni says :

    I completely agree, I think we should all move toward being self sufficient in ways of powering our lives, as long as people that are producing their own power are on the grid they should get paid for the excess power and get a break on state, local, and government taxation, those that are off the grid should get a tax break at the very least.

  2. Lauren says :

    i have done a similar personal assessment of this prop., but came to a different conclusion than you. i believe that the utility companies are counting on both of you to listen to their $28 million worth of lies. they have even gotten environmental organizations to be their spokespeople. they’re so easy. prop 7 was largely funded by a billionaire environmental philanthropist – but one that has only put in $7mill in comparison to a no side that is COMPLETELY funded by $28 million worth of PGE and Edison and Sepra money. plus the more i look into the no side’s environmental groups, the more ill i feel. for instance, the Environmental Defense Fund is notorious for adding its two cents to any environmentally unfriendly campaign in return for $$. just google search greenwash and edf for more info.the only energy crisis we have on our hands is the climate crisis – which will only continue to expand if we vote no. in terms of shutting out residential roof top solar companies – that just doesn’t make any sense. prop 7 doesn’t touch those companies – it only deals with where the utility companies should be getting their power from – so when we do turn on our lights – (those of us who rent and cannot install solar) – we know our electricity is being sourced from clean energy. and one more thought…how is this really going to increase our energy bill? wouldn’t PGE be for it if that were the case? isn’t the truth that this will decrease our bill in the future because clean energy doesn’t cost as much?

  3. Carolina says :

    What I understand from the proposition is that the change will be a gradual one it requires all California utilities to meet renewable energy production standards which will make California energy independent. Utilities will be required to produce electricity from solar and clean energy resources by: 20% by 2010, 40% by 2020, and 50% by 2025. The proposition also does not raise taxes or have any fiscal impact on the state budget.
    Another great benefit is that The Solar and Clean Energy Initiative will create high tech jobs and grow California’s economy. Construction and maintenance workers on clean energy plants will be paid a prevailing wage. Solar electric plants generate between 160% and 720% more jobs than a natural gas fired plant.
    The way I see it this bill will provide for energy independence, and a cleaner future for our children. I will vote YES on 7!

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