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End Oil Subsidies, Bring The Troops Home, Bring On Energy Independence NOW!

Energy Independence is our most important issue right now. It is our national vulnerability. I personally support solar, wind and other types of energy that depend on ambient conditions as they are low maintenance compared to fossil fuels, biofuels and nuclear power. I also think we need to develop our energy distribution system into a decentralized system that emulates the internet. This way power is produced and consumed locally so that the chance for large scale black outs are reduced to almost 0%. This would help national security considerably and there would be no chance for corporations to gouge consumers the way Enron did.

Our economy could be turned upside down overnight by a terrorist attack on Saudi oil distribution lines. We are spending more money on defending our oil interests than it would take to develop technologies that would make oil obsolete as an energy source.

We need to end the oil subsidies and award entrepreneurs that develop more efficient ways to extract electricity from solar, wind and other ambient energy sources.