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Southern California Edison will pay you for making your own energy

Southern California Edison provides an incentive program for those homeowners and business owners that want to produce their own energy. After looking closer at the program they no longer provide incentives for solar power through the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), but California Solar Initiative provides an incentive for solar power. SGIP provides incentives for wind and other renewables.

It seems there is an easier way to wade through all the paperwork. You should ask your solar power installer if they also help with the paper work to receive the rebates and incentives for producing your own energy.

Top Green Job

Barbara Boxer, Democratic senator from California has risen to the top green job in the nation. Thank goodness that she replaces the ignorant predecessors. Now the government will start to do something about our impact on the environment. I just hope they can do so in a way to benefit green entrepreneurs. Environmental revitalization holds a goldmine of an opportunity for entrepreneurs to boost the economy with new jobs based on cleaning up our act. The government’s role is crucial in that it must set the tone and encourage green entrepreneurs to flourish.

Here is the story about her new job.

Here is Senator Boxer’s official website.

My [optimistic] predictions for 2007

Welcome 2007. I look forward to a new year with new possibilities. I know many people are pessimistic, and I don’t blame them. There are many horrible situations that will continue in 2007, but there are also many opportunities for improvement.

Two days ago I had a conversation with a neighbor about my blog and energy independence. I explained that my vision is long term, and that I see that energy independence will be necessary for a peaceful future. I told him after the oil wars, there will be the water wars due to the scarcity of fresh water. Both resource wars will be solved through technology, business support, and grassroots efforts to affect change. The grassroots efforts will hopefully be supported by the new leadership in congress and the senate.

The business interests will not be lead by the current industry leaders. They will be playing catchup with the small innovators. I also see the big tech companies diversifying through investment in emergy alternative energy companies and leading the way in social and environmental responsibility.

I also see that 2007 will be a desparate fight for the presidential election in 2008. The Democrats will be fighting hard for recognition. People such as Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards will be trying to one-up each other. John Edwards has a head start on the issues that most Americans are passionate about. The other candidates will start to sound stale compared to John when they bring up the same issues.

The issues I am concerned about in 2007 are energy policy, the war in Iraq [and how we will get out], healthcare, education, and taxes.

On the issue of taxes, I heard a great idea in Ode Magazine proposing the idea of taxing resources instead of income. It would reward companies that provide more service, and use less resources. The working people would pay taxes based on the resources used passed on by the companies. This model is a great idea for all countries to adopt. It help those counties that are rich in resources to charge foreign companies tax on the resources they take, but pay no tax on the labor. Also by getting rid of income tax, healthcare would be more affordable by the companies. This would help the US from getting a complete social healcare system in place.

Another prediction for 2007 is that we will be hearing more about the growth of the Chinese economy and their power growth. As the Chinese ramp up for the 2008 Olympics they will provide more information on all the improvement they are making through heavy investment in infrastructure development.

That’s it for my predictions. On a lighter note, I’ve just ate a lot of Japanese food, drank some sake, and will be going out for a walk with my wife to help digest my food. My last day to relax until my next vacation in May.

Also, my first dream of 2007 involved me running around an office complex just like a baboon. Running on my knuckles and toes. It was fun! It was quite vivid as I could feel the strain of my muscles as I gripped the floor with all four limbs and propelled myself leaping three yards at a time, changing direction with each leap.