National Issues – Energy Independence

Check out this site:

It provides updates on Energy Independence issues. Stay up to date on how you can help our sinking ship float in the 21st century.

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3 responses to “National Issues – Energy Independence”

  1. fluidspirit says :

    Hey, your blog is very concrete in its direction, informative & inspirational. It tackles issues which resonate with me. Would you mind if I added you to my blogroll? You can get a visual of what kind of beast I am, as I’ve temporarily added a pic to the “about” on my page. I once wanted to build a make-shift miniature windmill on my roof to power at least one light bulb – don’t know if this would be against Toronto by-laws or if I could wring out a gov’t grant – ha!

  2. Ron Bengtson says :

    I believe this is something you will want to read:

    Nexus—OIL and AL Qaeda, By Frank H. Denton, PhD
    —an in-depth explanation of the connection between Middle East oil revenue and the worldwide expansion of Islamic terrorism.

    Frank Denton has a PhD in foreign affairs and is the author of Knowing the Roots of War and several other books. He spent a decade with the RAND Corp. before joining the U.S. Foreign Service. He served in Afghanistan, Jordan, Egypt and the Philippines as well as in Washington. He is now retired.

    The discussion paper reads like a History Channel documentary:

    “The meteoric rise of oil revenues in the 20th century meant a new era for Islam; oil revenues were the catalyst that converted passive resentment into Islamic Terrorism.

    “Oil provides the revenues for the Fundamentalists, but it as well represents their basic weakness. An examination of the economies of Middle Eastern nations shows that the removal of oil revenues will render these nations politically inert. Recognizing this economic weakness, a global embargo of oil imports from the Middle East is shown to be an attractive means for defeating Al Qaeda. Severely curtailing then eliminating the reliance on Middle East oil will decimate the Islamic terrorists by cutting off both emotional and financial support.”


    Part 1 – Oil, the catalyst for the formation of Al Qaeda
    Part 2 – Financing the Jihadists
    Part 3 – Islam’s Oil Addiction

    This eloquent exposé on the connection between oil wealth and terrorism leads to the undeniable conclusion that energy independence is an imperative for achieving national and global security. Frank Denton brings a new depth of insight to this complex and multi-faceted subject.

    The paper is also available in Adobe PDF for download.


    Ron Bengtson

  3. sheexture says :

    hey ))
    its very interesting article.
    Nice post.
    realy gj

    thank you 😉

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