Energy dependence

This morning my power went out. The power lines on the street were struck by a vehicle early in the morning, and one of the utility poles were knocked down. The power was out from about 6 am to about 2:30 pm. It made me and my wife appreciate the electricty we have when it is on. Our water heater is electric, and our stove and range is electric. We couldn’t take a hot shower, or cool a hot meal.

Those are things we don’t usually think about appreciating everyday. My wife started to tell me to generate electricity because she wanted to take a hot shower. I told her that we need to think about these things when we don’t need them so that we will be prepared for when we do [I said it with a smile]. This is the same thing on the large scale. We need to think about what we will need in the future, not just what we need now. I wish I had a backup generator, or that this apartment building has its own power source and connected to the grid. This way the power is always on, unless there was a massive EMP. Besides a massive [worldwide] EMP, decentralized electricity production would create a more stable system.

We depend on energy everyday for the small things we take for granted. We only recognize their importance when it is taken away. I don’t want to be caught without power in the future because I didn’t think about it today.

Once I own my own property I will set it up with solar, biogas generator, wind, and human power [go treadmill dynamo!].

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