Hybrid Vehicle, to buy or not to buy, that is the …

I asked a friend of mine if he was going to get a hybrid vehicle when he mentioned he was going to look for a new car. He immediatly told me that he doesn’t believe in global warming. I was surprised that he would respond to my suggestion that way. Let me just premise that my friend is not a dumb guy, he is actually very smart and works as an application developer for large organizations.
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When he told me that he doesn’t beleive in global warming he said that there are too many factors affecting the earth’s environment to really know if it is just human caused. I told him that I know there are multiple contributing factors to global warming, and that we are one of them. We have drastically changed the atmosphere in the last 100 years. We have created an ozone hole, but it is healing as we have cut CFCs being expelled into the atmosphere.

Another factor we must consider, and that the environmentalists don’t like to bring up is the affect of the sun on our environment because we don’t know of what to do to adjust the sun to suit our needs. The environmentalists want to focus on what we can do instead of what we can’t do. Which makes sense to me. Why doddle on the inevitable, let’s take control of what we can.
He had never thought of the sun’s affect on earth’s environment, but how can we deny it? The earth is made from the sun, and we are enveloped in the heliosphere. We are floating in the sea of the sun. If the sun changes, the earth changes.

I don’t disagree that there are several factors affecting the environment. I say let’s affect those factors that we have control over. Also, driving a hybrid vehicle is not just about global warming, in fact, global warming is last on my list when I consider purchasing a hybrid vehicle. My first thought is energy independence. We need to depend less on importing our energy. We need to become self sustaining units that share information freely. I’m referring to both macro and micro levels of society. We need to take a biological approach to society. If it has worked for nature for millions of years, why do human’s not take advantage of the knowledge?

Life on earth has taken advantage of the fractal concept. We need to take the same concept and apply it to our social construct. We need to look closely at how the human body works. How do the cells interact and make the whole body work? Our bodies do not try to grow unrestricted, when they do we get cancer. Our growth is regulated to keep ourselves alive. Also, our cells have specific and differentiated instructions to carry out, even though they are started from the same place with the same set of instructions (DNA). This said, we can’t all be rock stars because there would be no fans. You can’t be a rockstar without fans.

So society requires diversity. Human society can be looked at like an individual body. We will notice that there are several diseased places that need healing. In the human body, the first need in healing is blood flow. If blood cannot get to the diseased area, it dies. The same thing is happening in Africa. The blood of human society is food and money. It energizes the cells (humans). It benefits the tissues (families). The organs (nations) depend on working tissues. The body (all of humanity) depends on the organs working together to give the overall affect of health and vitality. As a global organism we are doing poorly. The problem is that we are not efficient with our resources. The blood in our bodies does not discriminate on which cells get oxygen, they all get oxygen. When one of your systems in your body stops delivering to a single organ, your are in dire trouble. It is the same with the global organism of humanity.

The good thing is that we have developed the global blood stream with the internet. Money and information can flow more freely than ever. We need to be able to view ourselves as part of the global organism. We are all a part of it whether we like it or not. The difference is to recognize it.

Now that I have rambled off on a tanget my point is that buying a hybrid vehicle is the best we can do right now when making a purchasing decision for transportation in road addicted America. Without even considering global warming there are still many good reasons to purchase a vehicle that uses less imported energy. It’s about energy indepedence and taking back control of your life.

Energy independence is one of the ways that the global human organism will be able to start healing itself by becoming more efficient with resources. Local economies will flourish when the global human organism is well again.

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