Geothermal heating and cooling, best for moderate climate zones

geothermal heating and cooling

This article from “Ask the Builder” about geothermal heating and cooling tell us that the technology is best used in moderate climates. Tim Carter also points out that:

the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy are currently promoting this technology through their Earth Comfort Program

So I searched the Earth Comfort Program on Google and found this quote at the top of THIS page:

Lew Pratsch of the U.S. Department of Energy sums up his department’s position on Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs). He says, “Geothermal heat pumps are for real. The product is efficient in rain, shine, sleet or snow; the product is endorsed by the EPA… and most importantly, GSHPs have one of the best life-cycle costs of HVAC systems sold today. “

4 responses to “Geothermal heating and cooling, best for moderate climate zones”

  1. Mr T Khan says :

    What a fantastic renewable technology! im sure the oil barons are VERY pleased by these advances in technology reducing our reliance on crude.

  2. KT says :

    You know that there several climatic zones in the world and I am looking for the relationships between climatic zones and geothermal sources.
    Is there anny relation between them? Is there any paper about this subject?

  3. JPM says :

    I think you have the message backwards. Geothermal heat pumps are at their best advantage in hot and cold climates. In moderate climates they are marginally better than conventional heat pumps.

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