Looking to nature to inspire the next great leap

Stephen Rees sent me a link to this article about engineers studying nature to come up with the next technological breakthroughs. It got me thinking that universities all over the world need to start teaching and starting programs on biomemetics. Nature is the source of all inspiration. Leonardo Da Vinci studied nature when designing his flying machine, and all his other inventions.

Think about this. We are made of the sun. The sun is 98.5% of the mass of the entire solar system. We are made from the sun. The sun is our progenitor. We are born from nature. We are sustained by the sun. Everything on earth has been provided to us by the sun. It is no wonder that people have worshiped the sun since the beginning of time. Now we are more knowledgeable about how the sun works, and how very dependent we are, we can make our lives easier by using what nature has designed, and appropriating the design. The great thing about nature’s design is that is has been tested under the harshest critic, nature. If you don’t pass muster with nature, you’re gone.
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