Just Imagine the Possibilities, We Create the Future

I know the idea for Positive Energy Output has many roadblocks, but they are not all permanent. I’m thinking more long term. Who knows what advances we may have in our government, technology and social consciousness in the next 30 years.

The thing is we have a way to affect that outcome right now. By bringing up the possibilities we wipe the cobwebs from our minds and allow the imagination to forge new roads to a future by choice instead of a future by accident.

We are currently living the results of the designs from 50 to 100 years ago. The decisions by the designers of society in the early 1900s has created our current state of affairs. Things could have been so different, but now we have the means to communicate to the masses, from the masses. That is the difference today. Everyone is responsible for the future. We choose our future. We just have to fight like hell to build the momentum to get the big money to pay attention. Nothing happens if we stay quiet.

The point is we affect change by starting the conversation. I’m all for letting the ideas flow. Let’s think of how it can be done, not how it can’t be done.

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