Solar power is getting cheaper, much cheaper

Check out this company from Palo Alto, Calfornia. Nanosolar is developing solar sheets that use printing technology to create low cost solar power. Also, if I had the money, I’d be investing here right now.

  • Nanosolar PowerSheet™. Our A-100 cell technology delivered in an industry-standard package that ensures premium lifetime and full compatibility with existing mounting and installation practices. Available to the general public in 2007 through leading system integrators, this product is currently being rigorously tested in controlled outdoor installations and through accelerated indoor lifetime tests.

  • Nanosolar SolarPly™. Our flagship building-integrated product is a large-area solar-electric “carpet” for integration with commercial roofing membranes. SolarPly can be utilized in a variety of building products because our cells are both non-fragile and bendable. Developed in collaboration with leading companies in the commercial roofing membrane industry, this product is the ideal solution for commercial buildings.

  • Nanosolar Utiliscale™. A product specifically designed to realize the best in system economics for large-scale ground-mounted plant installations.

We also offer the following OEM product:

  • Nanosolar Cell A-100. Available to volume integrators, our cell product is based on proven thin-film technology and produced with our innovative advanced process technology. Cell strings are available in 150mm width and any length.

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3 responses to “Solar power is getting cheaper, much cheaper”

  1. Debi says :

    I’m ready to buy now. Has anyone heard when these PowerSheets will be ready? Also, everyone is saying “cheap.” What are we talking about? Does anyone have an idea of price per watt yet?

  2. positivenergyoutput says :

    Hello Debi,

    Sorry I took so long to respond. I found a resource to help you with determining costs for solar power:


  3. positivenergyoutput says :

    Hello Debi,

    Here is another resource from the same site for people that want to buy PV systems, but would like to do their homework first:

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