The Ultimate Green Car: A Solar-Powered Plug-In Electric Biodiesel Hybrid

solar-powered plug-in electric biodiesel hybrid

Imagine a car that uses solar power from a charging station. The biodiesel would come from the American heartland, and the electricity from the sun. The fuel would only be used when going uphill, or for an additional boost for acceleration. Energy independence is our way to freedom, and these type of vehicles are the way to energy independence.

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One response to “The Ultimate Green Car: A Solar-Powered Plug-In Electric Biodiesel Hybrid”

  1. Victor Kawakami says :

    The future looks very promising! The real cost of Oil and its byproducts? —> Pollution, Global-warming, Cancer, American lives.

    All B.S. and conspiracy theories aside; We are addicted to oil and like most addicts we are willing to do almost anything to get our “fix”. If that means invading a country to gain control of its resources then so be it! Our economy is awful! The U.S. dollar is loosing its value and we’re accumulating Massive Debts due to this dependence!

    We need to create a dynamic ethanol (cellulosic ethanol) and biodiesel (maybe from bio-engineered algae) fuel infrastructure. We need to develop vehicle engines that are more efficient and lighter. We need to explore battery technology (batteries built from altered viruses).

    We need these Now. Remember…. talk about these issues with your peers, co-workers, schoolmates, parents, children, friends. Talk about it to everyone! Only with widespread awareness and education will we be able to change the future.

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