Gillibrand’s Energy Independence Initiative

Kirsten Gillibrand is campaigning for the New York’s 20th District. She has come up with an Energy Independence plan with the following points:

The Three Main Points of Gillibrand’s Energy Plan:

1. Promote Innovation and the Use of Alternative Energy Sources

2. Utilize Our Manufacturing Base to Produce the Products of the Future

3. Invest In Current Infrastructure and Lower Gas Costs for Our Families

energy independence

4 responses to “Gillibrand’s Energy Independence Initiative”

  1. Stop Wasting Money -- Warren Redlich for Congress (Albany) says :

    Nice of Gillibrand to say it, but if you follow her campaign, you can see that there’s a lot of vague ideas and no meaty answers. She says she supports light rail, but in what way?

  2. positivenergyoutput says :

    Hello Warren,

    It would be nice if all politicians had substantial plans to free us from energy dependence. I think not enough has been done since the first energy crisis in the 70’s. Weren’t we supposed to wake up and invest in non-oil, renewable energy sources? It has been neglected for too long and it is refreshing to see someone mentioning anything about energy independence. I’d like to see what your alternative plan is if you are critical of Gillibrand. Let’s see some more meat.

    Energy Independence is not a partisan issue. It is a key ingredient in national security, developing a stable and sustainable economy, and decreasing the need to invade countries for natural resources.

    Thank you for your response, and I look forward to more discussion.

  3. Albany NY Lawyer Warren Redlich says :

    I support high gas taxes (with offsetting reductions in other taxes such as income), and privately funded mass transit in our area using the freeway right-of-way.

  4. positivenergyoutput says :

    I’m interested to know what you think of requiring buildings to at least be net zero energy consumers, and preferrably energy producers using non-polluting, renewable energy sources. I’m sure increasing the gas tax won’t fly very well with the way gas prices are already. You’d be hurting the poor working people the most.

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