9 Ways you can achieve Energy Independence

The Independent Weekly has outlined 9 steps for energy independence for the good people North Carolina. They provide an example of how people are taking action to create a cleaner, healthier future. Read and take note about what is possible for your local area.

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2 responses to “9 Ways you can achieve Energy Independence”

  1. imaknoyd says :

    I’m sorry, but what a bunch of crock. Option 1, spend a ton of money on new energy effecient appliances, voluntarily increase your monthly bill by $4 to buy energy that is already available and should cost nothing more, blah, blah, blah. How many average North Carolinians can afford to go out and spend the money to upgrade appliances? If they do, it is likely to be at 18-20% interest on their Lowe’s card. So, the savings of 20% on the utility bill is eaten up by the credit card interest, and all we have is the hard earned money of NC’ers going to GE and the power company, with no appreciable savings anywhere.

    Number 6 says to give up our gas guzzlers for more economic cars. So, I own my gas guzzling truck outright. I have no car payments, and I spend about $600 a month on gas. The option? Sell my truck for little or nothing, buy a $30,000 Prius at $600 a month, pay increased insurance, and fill the tank for $200 a month. Net savings? A negative $200+. That’s not so good for my retirement environment.

    Look, we do need alternative forms of fuel, but the fact is, we are a fossil fuel based world. The US has 240 years of oil supplies in the oil shale of CO, UT, and WY. We can convert coal to liquid fuel, and capture the greenhouse emmisions and use them to help extract natural gas, and we can be eco friendly while we do it.

    Oh, btw, Nuclear plants don’t have appreciable amounts of greenhouse emmissions, only a lot a steam.

    “Drill and Mine US Oil–Buy and Refine US Oil! (copyright 2008, kelly and dorthey knight)


  2. Bill Bartmann says :

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