You are responsible. Take Action.

You are responsible for your own decisions. Don’t start blaming everyone else for the problems of the world. Do something about it. You are not a baby. You can choose to be in charge of your choices. The choice for PositivEnergyOutput people is to consume less and produce more until you are creating Positive Energy Output. And don’t forget to make it sustainable.

There are baby steps to everything including becoming an energy producer. First you have to reduce your consumption. If you are an American it may mean some sacrificing. American consumers take more resources than any other nationality.

Take Action:

If you don’t have access to reliable public transportation, buddy-up with someone and CARPOOL. It saves gas, and decreases traffic. Less consumption is the way. Eventually you should telecommute or find a job you can ride a bike to.

Don’t use the dishwasher. It takes takes a lot of energy to heat all the water. Don’t waste it. Wash your dishes by hand immediately after you eat or cook. It takes less effort if you don’t let the grease dry.

Don’t be a shut in. Get outside. Ride a bike. Play frisbee in the park. Walk your dog. Meet people. Do it all by walking, riding a bike or using the bus. This way you use less electricity in your home or apartment. You can turn off all the lights, your computer, and air conditioning. Also you’ll get some exercise, and you may meet some interesting people. Also talk to your friends about what you are doing to make a difference, and help them with the baby steps.

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One response to “You are responsible. Take Action.”

  1. Timberwolf says :

    Hi Josh

    I agree that we are all responsible for taking action to assist in healing our world. Creative visualisation, such as that you expressed when commented on Perception is Reality could be a method to use for new and innovative ways of taking action to lower our carbon footprint.

    You may also be interested to read the article on Out of Body Experiences given your stated ability to undertake such journeys while meditating.

    Keep up the good work. I hope to be back to spend more time here.


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