Becoming an Energy Producer

solar panel installersThe point of PositivEnergyOutput is too encourage people to become energy producers. It doesn’t happen overnight. I am still too poor to afford any technology, and I am still working on saving money for a home, but this will not stop me from learning about how I can accomplish energy production by the time I have the means. Also, I am still learning about what is involved in my vision, so I appreciate any help from you that have a background in sustainable resource energy production.

If you have money or real estate you can start by looking into technology solutions such as solar, wind, geothermal, biogas from waste, plants and human power.
I’ll start here with some links to solar power information:


Find Solar

Spheral Solar

Wikipedia: Solar Power

If you are poor, start with reducing your energy consumption to close the gap between production and consumption. I will elaborate in a later post on what can be done if you want to make a difference and display your freedom of choice by denying the dominating energy producers power over you.

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