PositivEnergyOutput – Vision

My vision is for residential and small business structures to create more energy than they use. The surplus energy is sold on the energy markets at market prices for large businesses to power their operations, or for other markets that use more energy during climate extremes of hot and cold. This way the cold climates can help hot climates in the summer and hot climates can help the cold climates in the winter.

The energy market should be open to the smallest energy producers to be able to get a fair price for their energy.

The sources of energy that could be tapped currently include:

  1. Solar
  2. Geothermal
  3. Wind
  4. Hydro
  5. Waste
  6. Human

The trick to producing enough energy is to have multiple sources. They balance each other out and can be adjusted for climate differences.

I will later elaborate on the 6 different categories of current energy sources. Let me know what each one means to you. I also welcome any new resource ideas that are currently possible [meaning that all that is missing is the motivation to get it done].

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