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Micro Power Generation

After Gutenberg provides an outline on Micro Power Generation. This is the same concept as Positive Energy Output. A decentralized power generation system. It will probably take hold faster in developing nations that will receive benefits quicker than developed nations. I hope we can move just as fast to this direction. It will provide more stability to the energy markets, and people will be able to focus on higher goals besides survival.

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Zero Energy Homes vs Positive Energy Output

After Gutenberg outlines Zero Energy Homes. After reading I asked myself, why not be more ambitious and go for Positive Energy Output. Don’t just go for Zero Energy, go for higher output to the grid so that homeowners get paid more. Make buildings power generators, not just net zero energy consumers.

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9 Ways you can achieve Energy Independence

The Independent Weekly has outlined 9 steps for energy independence for the good people North Carolina. They provide an example of how people are taking action to create a cleaner, healthier future. Read and take note about what is possible for your local area.

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Gillibrand’s Energy Independence Initiative

Kirsten Gillibrand is campaigning for the New York’s 20th District. She has come up with an Energy Independence plan with the following points:

The Three Main Points of Gillibrand’s Energy Plan:

1. Promote Innovation and the Use of Alternative Energy Sources

2. Utilize Our Manufacturing Base to Produce the Products of the Future

3. Invest In Current Infrastructure and Lower Gas Costs for Our Families

energy independence

Contribute to Renewable Energy Education

Contact the good people at Solar Energy International and give them your money to help them building an Eco-campus. Contribute to the betterment of our society, economy and environment.

SEI Ecocampus

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Leading Democrats Propose Major Energy Independence Bill

Finally some politicians are getting a clue that energy independence is the cornerstone for national security. The politicians are not doing enough, but at least they are starting something. Come on Republicans, can’t you do better on Energy Independence. This is not a partisan issue. This is a patriotic issue!

Read the article.

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Green Architecture

green architecture

Check out these buildings.

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Learn about Renewable Energy

This site provides a nice outline of renewable energy that is available today:

Renewable Energy

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Learn to make your own Wind Turbine

Wind power

Take action by building your own wind turbine. If you have wind, use it!

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